Southland Auto Insurance, is Your One-Stop Center for Everything Related to Your DUI.

A DUI can put your life on hold in many ways. A DUI or DWI offender is likely to have his or her license suspended for a substantial period of time (either by court order or mandate of the state motor vehicles department). Many states suspend a first offender’s license for 90 days; a second offender’s license for one year; and a third offender’s license for three years.

Southland Auto Insurance, helps drivers impacted by a DUI charge get back on the road, by focusing on the SR-22 filing and license reinstatement process.

Our team of dedicated specialists will walk you through this reinstatement process so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve. Our group of insurance specialists will also help you find the AB-541 program nearest you. In case you are required to install a Breathalyzer in your vehicle, our company works with California’s largest provider to help you get it installed, without any installation fees. Contact us and find out why we are the public’s number one option.

Here are the services we offer:

Writing a Ticket

  • Case Details: Let our DUI attorneys investigate your case to determine whether the officer followed proper protocols. If the officer failed to comply with procedures or was negligent in his or her handling of you, your attorney may be able to have your charges minimized or your case thrown out altogether.
  • SR-22 Filings: Instead of letting the DMV notify your auto insurance carrier about the DUI charge, let us set up your electronic SR-22 filing. We work with dozens of providers to ensure you the best possible rate on a pre-conviction filing.
  • Interlock Device (Breathalyzer): If you were pulled over for a DUI in one of the four sample counties, you will be required to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed in your vehicle. Southland Auto Insurance, has a program that eliminates the costly installation fees of the IID.
  • Legal Representation: Let Southland Auto Insurance find you the most reliable and cost efficient attorney in your area. We have established relationships with the most knowledgeable DUI attorneys in California to provide our victims with the best possible legal representation.
  • AB-541 CLASS: In order to regain your driving privileges, you will need to enroll in a DUI class. Let Southland Auto Insurance walk you through this process. We will find the school that best fits your schedule.

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